Let us introduce ourselves


Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse first began by baking real sourdough loaves over 3 years ago.¬†We use sourdough simply because it is far far better for you. There are no additives or improvers, just unbleached organic flour, water, sea salt and very importantly “time”.

After learning to produce amazing bread we thought why not apply this knowledge to making pizza. There has been no going back since. See what people are saying about our pizza and bread.

It’s not just about producing deliciously mouth watering food, it’s more! Have you ever wondered why you feel bloated after eating your standard doughy pizza or bread? Or why gluten is considered a no, no? Well the truth is, the doughy stuff has probably been made with in 30 mins to 1hr with lots of improvers, added sugars etc… It hasn’t had time to rest and breakdown the complex carbohydrates and other impurities found in wheat that prevent that goodness from being absorbed.

Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse take great pride in letting time do her thing! Our pizza dough has a good 24-48 hours to develop.

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